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The village of Niederzimmern is characterized by its large farms with big gates. The stream “Gramme” flows through the entire village and creates its green character. The parts of Niederzimmern are connected through numerous smaller and larger bridges, which give the village a special charm.

With over 1000 inhabitants and over 1100 years of history it is one of the most important places in the administrative community Grammetal.

The Wartenberg Tower with picnic area and fire place, the St. Wigberti church and the water reservoir between Hopfgarten and Niederzimmern are particularly worth seeing. During a walk through the village with about 1000 inhabitants you can also make acquaintance with chickens, geese, cattle, horses, pigs or the donkey Felix. In Niederzimmern there are also a butcher, a hairdresser, a general practitioner, a dentist, a physiotherapy practice and a restaurant in the village.

For children, there are a playground and a football field.

Club life is very important in Niederzimmern. There are several clubs, which organize events such as concerts or lectures. The association “Herb Garden Niederzimmern” with its “herb witches” organizes events such as the “Lavender Festival” or the “Fairy Tale Festival” which are very popular with young and old and also a great experience for visitors.
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